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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 14, 2017 4:00am-4:03am CEST

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as it emerged the falsifying of product quality certificates had coby steel had gone much further than had previously been disclosed you know. right now our top priority is to find out the cause to take preventive measures and to examine whether or how our inadequate products have affected our users. i plan to put all my energy into this effort. he said the company had uncovered nine more types of products whose inspections had been faked or manipulated more than five hundred customers were affected among them boeing which used to be steel with fake quality certification in airliner fuselages these latest problems were discovered with shipments of more than eleven thousand tons of steel copper and aluminum products the quality cheating wasn't limited to one location but found in products made by cobie and its affiliates in japan china malaysia and
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thailand. coby admitted some cases had been discovered much earlier and discussed at board meetings but not made public. but to terminate the new. iranian president hassan rouhani said iran remained committed to the a code but would not hesitate to respond if its national interests were violated. in kenya police have shot dead two opposition protesters when a crowd attempted to storm a police station there were clashes in several cities including the capital nairobi with pity using tear gas to break up protests opposition demonstrators a demanding electoral reforms ahead of a rerun of a presidential election in two weeks. opposition need a ride has pulled out of the election for a run and says the poll can't go ahead president kenyatta won the original the
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election in august but the result was an old future irregularities in the kind in process. firefighters in california have made some progress in containing wildfires that have been center rated entire neighborhoods and killed at least thirty two people seventeen large fires are still burning and to date nearly six thousand homes and businesses in the northern part of the state have been destroyed. but already as are warning residents in the state's wine region to remain vigilant as weather conditions are expected to worsen over the weekend.


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